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    BRP Demo Days in Phoenix

    Just got back from BRP Demo Days here and I was impressed. They had lots of everything and I really didn't wait very long to ride anything.
    Got to ride an RXT-X and an GXT-iS. This my first chance to test the Braking System & the Suspension. Both were very cool and very effective. It turns out that the racing lake here is actually salt water and the Staff had not cleaned the Doos up at all from the previous 2 days. They rode fine but looked like crap.
    Got to ride an Outlander Max Ltd Quad and they have a great Quad course here at Firebird. I have near zero experience with quads and found myself almost kissing the Handlebars a few times. Probably because I was trying to mimic the kid in front of me who was jumping the hills and stuff.
    And luckily, since I still have a Motorcycle endorsement on my license even though I haven't ridden one in 15 years, I got to demo a Spyder RS. That's an interesting machine. Ther are lots of open roads in the area of the Demo, so groups were taken out for about 20 minutes each. There were a few high-speed sweeping curves and that was pretty strange as the Spyder will lean out a bit and I wanted to lean in. Of coarse, leaning isn't necessary at all with a Spyder. I was surprised that it felt less stable then a motorcycle, mostly I think, from having 2 wheels in front that could fight each other a bit. It's probably really more stable, it just felt funny. I really liked the Button Shifter.
    I also thought the Spyder RT looked like a great Touring ride.
    All in all, I think BRP held a great event.

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    that sounded fun

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