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Thread: Impeller advice

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    Impeller advice

    I have a 2000 SeaDoo Challenger 2000 with the EFI 240. The impeller looks like it has seen better days but it's not in horable condition. The boat comes out of the water slower that I expected and a lot slower than my 98 Yami Exciter SE 135. When I had this problem with the Exciter it was recommended that I install a Skat Trac Swirl impeller from Group K performance instead of having the stock impeller re-furbished. I installed a Swirl from Group K and that did the trick.
    Can anyone recommend a good impeller to put in this boat or is it better to have the stock impeller re-furb.? If I have the stock re-furb. who should I have do the work?
    I'm willing to give up a few mph to get out of the hole quicker.

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    SBT does refurb... they have an impeller exchange program for 25 bucks

    I'm considering it myself... but man those Concords are tempting to try

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    The impeller in my boat is a 4-blade impeller and SBT does not have a exchange program for it. I ended up sending mine to a place called impros ( and had them re-furbish and re-pitch it. Cost was $135 which is exactly what they quoted me. Now my boat pulls hard and comes out of the hole very quick. I lost about 3-mph on top end but Dave at Impros said I would loose 2-3 mph. So, that was expected. Turn around time was 3 days longer than he said it would be. He said a week to 10 days and it took 2-weeks from the day I sent it until the day I got it back, but I sent it to him a month after I talked with him so I'm sure he was busier in April than he was in March.
    Overall I'm very happy with the work, the price, and the time it took.

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