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Thread: Seat handle?

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    Seat handle?

    My family just purchased two Polaris 750's and they are a blast but were trying to determine if there is some aftermarket product that would give a backseat rider some sort of handle or way to hang on without grabbing the driver.


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    What 750 do you have? SL 2 seater or SLT 3 seater

    SL has handles where the rear grab bar mounts to the hull.

    Both SL and the SLT has a seat strap that can be used.

    But I find it most common to just hang on to the driver. More likely to stay on longer by holding onto them VS. a fixed point on the ski.

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    I also prefer the passenger to hang on to the driver.

    Passenger reaches under the driver's arms, then bend elbows and grab onto the upper/should area of the driver's PFD.

    This should give the passenger a good grip on the driver. And if the passenger needs to signal the driver, they can give him/her a good shake of the PFD.

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