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    How Do You Remove Coupler? How Do You Remove Flywheel's/Stator's?

    1. I am trying to use the intermediate shaft from my 1100 on my GP1200 but the couplers are different. How do you remove it? Do I need a special tool?

    2. Is it necessary to use a flywheel puller to remove the flywheel assembly? If yes where do you find cheap ones and how do you go about performing this task?



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    Cant help with the coupler part, but I'm glad you asked, I will be needing to know this myself soon......
    Im guessing getting the coupler of the crankshaft is basically the same as the flywheel ?

    As far as the flywheel, I would use a wheel puller, least chance of something getting screwed up. But there are other ways, yes.

    You can pick a cheap one up at harbor freight or rent one for a deposit @ places like autozone or advanced auto. They may even loan it to you for free.... if the shaft is out, take it in and they may help you do it right there for nothing!

    The pullers usually have like 3 hooks that will reach behind what ever your wanting to remove and a bolt in the center. You put the hooks around what youre going to pull / remove and turn the center bolt, which in turn will remove it..... been a while since I've used one, but this is the jist of it.

    They have different versions, some with out the hook deal, look em up on google...
    Might be a particular type the guys around here prefer to use on Jet ski's - maybe some one else will chime in on that, Id like to know myself!

    EDIT -
    heres a youtube of the type im talking about -

    Thanks for all your info too!


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    Rent a fly wheel puller from advances auto parts. Be careful when running the bolts in the fly wheel that you don't hit the stater coils. You can use the rope trick to remove the couplers ,but you need to be very careful with that as well.

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