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    2002 GTX Di - Code 114

    Trying to find the meaning of code 114 currently displayed, was getting code that voltage was weak, changed to new batt and now have this 114 code only.

    I have found the 4-stroke trouble code listing, but can't find one for the 2-strokes? Are they listed anywhere?

    One other question, someone (not me) added the wrong oil to this ski, mistakenly used the oil for boat (quicksilver premium plus) instead of the synthetic blend that was for ski's... can that hurt anything? It only ran very short time before mishap was realized - noticed wrong bottle on tailgate.


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    Here's a link for DI codes

    Dont see a 114........ If you are having low voltage issues my bets on the regulator. Had two blow on mine and have put a few on other peoples also.

    As far as the oil goes if it was mine I would drain and refill and change the oil filter in the feed line. (easy to get to on that one) It should be right next to the Batt. I know its a bit pricey but if the two oils dont agree with each other that filter will stop up in a heartbeat. Needless to say the aftermath is ugly..... Not worth the risk.

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    how did you get the code to show in the readout?

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