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    99 ultra 150


    I Have a 99 Ultra 150 that has been sitting for the last 5 years with 95 hrs on ski (my wifes sea-doo blew the motor then we started having kids) so My wife has been getting on my case about getting the skiis back up and running. So this weekend I pulled out the Ultra and cleaned out all of the old gas fogged the motor thu the plug holes and cranked it over with no plugs in the to help lube the cylinders before trying to fire it up. lube and unstuck the throttle and Choke linkages and then primed the fuel lines with a mity-vac up to the carbs. She fired right up for me and I let it run for about 5 mins. Now for the questions it almost looked like some metalic colors in the exhaust so I checked the compression and had 120 in all three cylinders. Water was flowing out of all of the pissers. what else should I keep an eye one?

    Current plans are the replace all of the fuel and oils lines.
    Install the tripple Pisser's
    It also needs new bearings last time I rode I was getting some cavitation and was not as fast as previously.

    What is included if I send my pump to Skiworx for blueprinting and is it really worth it over just installing new bearings?
    Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Carefully inspect the cable for the oil pump. Odds are that it's frayed at the pulley.

    Also, remove the multi-function display and seal the rubber plug on the back where the wires go in with 3M 5200. The rubber plug gets hard and will leak of it's submerged, ruining the di$play.

    I'd put a strainer in the cooling line, too.

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