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    about to buy stage3 rxp

    alright guys so like the title says im about to buy an 05 rxp with the riva stage3 kit installed, the problem is i know very little about seadoo. I wanted to know if that stage3 kit decreases reliability or any common problems people have had with this kit installed. thanks in advance for any input!

    heres a pic of the ski

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    like any HP machine your not gonna be able to just go pound it day in and day out w/o check the important things, most of all SCer slip, oil, etc. who evers got a lotta holes in there for ventilation.... better make sure it has a bilge!!

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    how much and how many hr's on the ski? actual list of parts would be good, does it have ECU and witch one and was the valvetrain upgraded to handle it.

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    the ski has 100hrs on it but the owner was telling me he rebiult the motor at 70hrs due to the timing chain breaking. im not sure what exactly he replaced when he rebuilt it tho. as far as a list of parts it is the same list that riva has on its website

    RIVA Performance Power Filter Kit
    RIVA RXP Pro-Series Supercharger Housing & Impeller
    RIVA 'GEN-2' Power Cooler Kit
    RIVA Pro-Series Blow-off Valve Kit
    RIVA RXP Pro-Series Fuel Injector Kit
    RIVA Rear Exhaust Kit
    RIVA Pro-Series ECU (2004~05=A)
    RIVA RXP Thermostat Kit
    RIVA RXP Valve Train Upgrade Kit
    RIVA RXP Heavy-duty Supercharger Clutch Washers
    RIVA RXP Top-Loader Intake Grate
    RIVA/Skat-Trak Swirl Impeller w/Billet Nose Cone
    RIVA Pump Wedge
    RIVA RXP VTS Extension Rod
    RXP Pro-Series Reduction Nozzle
    RIVA Pro-Series Sponson Kit
    RIVA O.P.A.S. Pro-Series Block-off Kit

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