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    Used 2007 Ultra LX with a repaired hull

    Looking at a used 2007 Ultra LX - 50 hours.

    The current owner hit a rock and cracked the hull. He patched it himself. The patch is right next to the water inlet. The work looks good and if he would have painted it, you would never have noticed.

    My question is if there is a problem would I find it in a 20 minute test ride?

    He is asking $6500 for the ski/trailer/cover. Does this seem reasonable?

    Anything else you would look for in a used ski?

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    Ride it then pull the seat off and check if its getting any water inside the hull.
    This ski should run around 53 mph.
    6k is tops for it with the cover and trailer.

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    Where are you located. I know where one is with a fresh engine and pump, and a few mods running 59 on GPS.

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