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    Fuel spray from top of carbs

    What would cause fuel spray to come out of the top of the pto carb on my 2000 pro? When I put my hand over the other carbs I can feel them try to suck my hand in when giving it throttle, but very little suction on the other one.

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    Bad reed petal(s).

    They are suppose to press tightly against the reed cage so the crank can pressurize the crank case and force air\fuel charge into the cylinder. If there are any chips or cracks in the reed it allows that crank pressure to escape back through the carb.


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    Sounds like a bad or broken reed to me. If it's not closing all the way or a piece is broken off it won't hold the pressure from the crankcase.

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    Yes sir. Bad reeds.

    Time for some performance reeds.

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