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    maiden voyage not so good

    so.... bought a 2000 xl800 over the winter, put stabil in the gas when i got it. Guy i got it from said he did not do anything to the gas when he winterized it. so any way. put it in the water today, started right up, all pissers worked, even the tail spout. idled around for a few min to warm her up, stoped, checked the bildge....nothing( so far so good) started rite back up, idled out to the channel and gave it half throttle. Jumped outta the hole and on plane( im assuming that means the impeller and rig is good). Did 2, 1/4 mile runs back and fourth at half throttle. nice and smooth, OK lets try 3/4 throttle, ran awsome for about 2 min, then she sputtered and the middle of the channel........Epic fail.... Would not start, choked it......sputtered and after doi that for bout 5 min trying not to burn up the starter she finally fired?????wtf came back up to half and did a few more laps. tried 3/4 throttle and she popped and missed and surged but stayed running, and eventually smoothed out and would hold rpm at 3/4 after a few laps at 3/4 i tried full and she diddnt like it at all. surged by about 1000-1500 rpm up and down. if i feathered the throttle it would smooth out but once i held constant full it would run very very rough. i made 46 mph w/ just me im 190lbs. so i figured like the 3/4 throttle problem this would go away with time but no. full throttle would not smooth out, but if i let off just a hair it would smooth out and run about 43 mph? just looking for imput, i was thinking fuel related but i halve no idea. also why would it just die like it did. thanks for any help. This wouldnt be a power valve problem would it???!!!

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    Drain the gas you have and put fresh in.
    change plugs
    if those dont work pull the carbs
    check the reeds while you are there

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    BadFish - Compression check if you have a gauge. If you don't, the plugs will likely show damage if you have a serious problem. You can also take off the power valve covers and visually check the power valves. Depending on what shape the PVs are in you may not even mess up the gasket. I use seafoam to condition these gaskets (they are paper based). Use a wooden mallet or a deadblow (plastic) hammer to tap the PV covers to get them to turn loose - don't pry. You can use a wooden dowel or similar also.

    If you have a PV problem continuing to run it will just cause more damage.

    But it hopefully is just gas. You can get a reconditioning additive at a marine store.

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    you may want to think about redoing the carbs, pm oside bill he is the resident carb god on here

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    Happen to mine but it was just the gas, might want to check everything elso out though just to make sure.

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