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    650sx carb popoff?

    I recently got a 89 kawi 650sx. Only mods are a coffman pipe and premix. Im having a problem with fuel leaking around the needle and seat, and filling the motor up with fuel. Im guessing the oring is leaking.(does the seat just push out the bottom?) When i took at apart it looks as if someone cut the popoff spring. I tested the popoff and only got 10-11psi. I was wondering what the popoff should be? Has 125 and 48 jets with a 1.6 needle and seat. Its the stock keihin carb.

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    Order a rebuild kit, go to and they have a ton of carb tuning advice.

    You could call Harry at groupk and he could give you some baselines, or John Ziggler at Rock County Jetsports is a great guy.

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