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Thread: first start up

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    first start up


    Just bought the jetski last summer and didnt get to use it but it was winterized.

    anything to look for before it gets fired up for the first time of the season. it wont be ridden for a little while so should i start it or wait?

    Also any way other then a compression test to make sure everything is ok with it?


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    Nothing special needs to be done.

    Just make sure all connections are tight, clamps are tight, battery is fully charged, and maybe a new set of spark plugs.

    It should smoke like crazy from the winterization, but that's normal.

    I would start it just to make sure all is good. That way you have some time to repair it if there's an issue.

    Just make sure to re-fog the engine if you're not going to be using it for a while yet.

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