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    Question 1996 gsx will not start?!?!?!

    I am trying to fix my buddys 96 GSX. I put a new starter in it. It turns over great.

    I have two individual problems (that i know of)!

    1. It has no spark - I touched the plug to the block (where paint was removed) to test for spark. It was at night and I saw no sign of a spark, is there a better way to check for spark?

    2. It was blowing water out the spark plug holes (and the exhaust which is normal but it has been sitting for a year out of water). He power washed it before bringing it to me, could he of blown water up the exhaust and caused this or do I have a bigger problem?

    Any information you can give me would be great!

    Thank You for all your answers!!!!!

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    do a compression test. IF its been sitting for a year with water in the engine you have bigger problems than that. did you have it on the hose when you or him was trying to start it? you could have hydro locked the engine.
    on another note. trim the plug wires back to some clean metal. that may be part of your problem. if not I have a coil fora 787. also check the fuses in the front gray box.

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    Thanks for all your info! I have not ran a compression test. I will do that tonight, as well as trim back the wires. I don't think I hydrolocked the motor, I pulled the plugs when I turned it over just to make sure I had compression on both cylinders and that is when I noticed the water. I did not have a hose hooked up (no acess to a spicket). I'll se what I can find out tonight and leave an update tonight! Thank you again for all your help!

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    I have spark! Clipped the ends of the wires and that fixed the problem! Thank You, for the awesome advise!

    Correction it is not water blowing out of the spark plug holes. What is blowing out is a gray milky substance. I have attached a picture of it as it is sprayed on the wall of the hull. It is not flammable, I put some on a rag and tried to light it. I have never seen anything like this come out of a motor! Even water and oil looks different than this!

    Thanks for all your help! I appropriate it a ton!

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    is it running??

    If not get it fired up, Most likely some water got in when the motor was pressure washed,, but you want that out as fast as possible,,

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