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    Thumbs up Wanted 951 XPL 98 performance pipe

    Looking for a coffman single pipe with water if any one knows of one up there

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    Don't hold your breath, there aint many about and most that have one aint selling

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    go for the next best thing, a white 97 1/2 gsxl pipe. You get same results just about two mph slower. Its better than the stock pipe. Make sure to get the manifold as well. I ran mine with a DI manifold and it did well with it. I averaged 65/66 mph with my setup and the white pipe. With the coffmans I ran 67/68 mph consistantly. Hope this helps out if you can't find a coffmans. Also make sure its an untouched coffmans meaning that they haven't opened up the tail end piece. I think they opened it from a 38 to a 42. My ski preferred the 38. I tried a white pipe and preferred the reliability over the coffmans.

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    Can you run just the top half of the 97.5 pipe & manifold with the bottom 98+ pipe?
    If a stock xpl is getting 6800 rpm now on stock impeller it should see up to 7k with this pipe and a few mph right? It's been a while since I messed with the 2 stroke.

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