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    Riva S3 Exhaust and other stuff

    Riva s3 stinger. It has a small dent in the verry bottom of the pipe. Im guessing it happend during shipping. The picture makes it look a lot worse than it really is. SOLD

    2000 Electronics. Wires have replaced with MSD wires and lengthend for relocation.

    2000 Flywheel

    ADA Head with the replaceable domes (was using it with the superstock cyls) I have all 3 pieces (only 2 shown in the picture)

    3 custom gas valves (were designed by beerdart) they are from a polaris and set up to use in the custom cyls. They will bolt on to any 1200 but need to be clearanced if used on a 1300. (they are installed in the Cyls pictured below. I will remove them when/if they sell)

    2 "superstock" cylinders with the pistons and all included (good for an 800 build) these are the 2 remaining Mark Hahn cyls that were purchased off here last fall.

    Open to all serious offers on this stuff.

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    Gas Valve description updated.

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