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    PSI pipe and waterbox

    stock 1994 stock 750sl (with OP flame arrestors) Carbs 1/2 turn out to adjust for the flame arrestors....

    Can I richen up the carbs enough to compensate for the PSI single pipe and water box, or do I have to change jet sizes? I was told I would have to change the jet size for the OP flame arrestors, but the 1/2 turn out left me on the fat/rich side.

    What about for a stock 1996 780SLT?

    Haven't decided which ski I'm going to put the pipe and waterbox on yet.


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    The PSI pipe is a dry pipe, not the stock wet pipe you have now. Your jetting will definately need to be changed.

    The waterbox alone may be able to be compensated for by adjusting the screws, but NOT the pipe.

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