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    Exclamation just got the gpr help me out on little things i need :)

    Hey well I just bought a 2000 gp1200r, runs great compression was all over 1oo and under 115 on all 3 cylinders. Ran strong, 59 60mph on flat lake. Now little first question, there will be more coming. Ive searched them, and noting little pieces i need. But for now, the motor. Ive owned a banshee and always did a 4 to 1 mix, now I kno the jet skii has its own oil tank. Should i remove that? and premix my self? is that just remove or will i need parts? and re jet?. Also the motor cosmetics, its been always lubed and sealed with marine product. But theres some grease thats never been washed off before the spray, can i plain and simple get the skii facing up on the trailer and degrease and hose lightly the engine bay??

    Help me out guys trying to get this done early tomorrow in the AM


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    Yes, it is wise to run premix. That way you will be sure of proper lubrication to your engine at all times. You will need to buy an oil pump block off plate to install in place after you remove your oil injection pump and lines to and from the tank and carbs. You can leave the oil tank in place, just drain the oil tank and put a rubber cap on the nipple were you removed the hose. Pull the oil level sensor out of your oil tank, hold it in your hand and turn it up side down. You want to zip tie the sending unit float in the full position so the low oil alarm will not go off. Basically you are fooling the sending unit into thinking the oil tank is full all the time by doing this.

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    I premix at 40:1, as far as cleaning I have washed my motor and bilge the important thing is to get all the water out and get it dry. a sealed motor compartment with water in it creates it's own environment and will cause rust and corrosion in no time at all. I clean dry and then spray down the motor with protectant.

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    Thanks on the oil, i'll look i to that tonight.

    But one the cleaning which ill start now, so can i spray degreaser in there, hose it down? will decrease harm anything? Yea i'll get my air blower and blow the shit out of the engine bay then put the protector.....

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    I would def. switch to pre-mix, I never trust the oil pump on jet skiis. I do 40:1 and use Amsoil Dominator.

    You can clean out the engine compartment just as anything else. Just make sure you leave seat off and let it dry out good.

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