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    2005 ultra 150 issues

    Had new motor put in 3 years ago after blow up. Sat up most of 2008. Took it out the water last year and ran fine for 2 weekends of riding. Then it would slow down and not rev back up. Had to idle back in could not get it up on a plane. I have spark and fuel but the thing just won't start. Have someone interested in buying it for $1000 in as is condition. Should
    i let go or will I be chasing problems from here on out?

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    i would keep it, it sounds like a carb issue, if it sat the fuel probably gummed up the carbs, probably just needs a good cleaning


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    where u live..??

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    New Orleans, most of my riding is done in Mississippi though. Brakish water mostly, I do flush the system well after each ride.

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    Just wanted to let everyone know I have completely jumped ship and bought a new 4 stroker.

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    Wish I had noticed that you would take $1000 for it, I might have made a trip for that...

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