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    New member just purchased 07 F-12X

    Purchased a new 07 leftover F-12X a few months ago. Had a 96 SL780 and 97 SL900 before. Not much else to say other than as soon as the warranty is up i'm going to have to do some add ons to try to pick up some hp.

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    what kind of add on you going to do i just bought one to i think i am going to do the mac stage 2 kit

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    I'll probably start out with the intake grate first, and i thought about doing the water methanol kit instead of going the intercooler route. But to be completely honest i'm not sure yet, i might up grade the valve springs as well as everyone seems to say that's a weak spot in these engines.

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    how much dose the intake great help ?

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    Supposidly it helps keep you hooked up and helps the cavitating. There's another new thread that explains it some. I'm still pretty new to all of this stuff.

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    yea me to learn as i go do you like your ski i pick one up 2 how fast you had yours they say the speedo is not rite but i have seen mine at 66 one time and can get 64 evertime i have had it out

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    I just bought mine new a few months ago, water is still to cold where i'm at so i haven't had the chance to get it out on the lake yet.

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    i got mine in march 13th just threw some coveralls i put three hours on it like that now it has 8

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    If you are just doing macsboost you shouldn't have any problems with the springs. The soft rev kicks in at 6500rpms so it won't over rev. If you are going to get an ECU then change the springs. Nitro Shark has the best springs.

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    Although the ski will hook up better with a new grate, you won't gain any real speed. In fact you may lose a mile or two. You may want to start with the Nitro kit, Macboost or Jims Alpha kit to get more pep but I think the grate is the last place to start in my opinion and you know we all have one. You have to throw a lot of money at it for some minimum gains. It's a great ski and I think you'll enjoy it as is.

    Cole's right, really good springs if you feel the need to replace.

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