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    Ultra 150 question

    Im looking at doing a rebuild on my pump, just have a few questions.
    The parts I have bought is an impellor, bearing and seal kit and a pump case.

    To pull the old one apart is easy and to put all the new parts in is it just bolt together and thats it, or is there any adjustments, or anything you can reccomend?

    Thanx in advance.

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    First off use factory kawi bearings and seals from an 05 model. Those are the updated seals and will last much longer. The wear ring clearance should be .006in add or remove shims to get it rite.

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    I hope the bearing and seals are the updated ones how do you know the difference.

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    Can this impeller from solas fit the part number is KG-CD-15/21 appearently the seller says it fits the 1200 stxr and the ultra 150, is that true?

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    If the kit has 2 seals then it is updated. That impeller isnt for the ultra, stxr impellers wont fit the ultra pump its a totally different design. The solas you want is a kg df 16/20.

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    Is there anywhere on the web where there is a writeup on rebuilding the pump with pics, regarding the impeller I bought the nujet KW-D6.1.

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