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Thread: Polaris 750 slt

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    Polaris 750 slt

    I bought a jetski and this is the first chance I had to mess with it. I hooked up a good battery and started cranking it over and nothing. I poured a little gas in the air intake and it starts and runs until that gas was used up. I did this several times thinking maybe it would take awhile to draw the gas through since I didnt see a primer ball. It wont run on its own. Should it have a primer ball? The fuel pump seems to be a mechanical one that works off vacuum? Any suggestions? The other ski is a 750 SL and that one the starter turns but doesnt engage. It apperas that one will need torn apart to check the bendix. I geuss the fun has begun.

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    Might as well keep all the questions in the same place, which is over here;
    Polaris skis

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