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    Being new to all this, and actually haven't been around boats / water ( except to fish all my life ) are barnacles all that white crap thats built up over my parts ? ( it's ok, you may giggle at this question - lol )

    Also, with that and there's a lot of corrosion that's built up on the pump shoe ( I think it is ) the ride plate, & the grate. It's like small chisel markings all over it. The prop, seems ok, the housing / nozzle area has some corrosion, but no marks, the impeller duct is got a cpl. chips torn out of it...... shaft spins good, wear ring and prop look perfect as it spins inside.....

    So, should or could I use any of the parts that are in this shape, or should I just replace it all ?
    Where can I fine just the duct impeller if so?

    And if any ones got the whole thing - let me know!

    Yes, for the record - it blows to be a newbie, especially when you're not even sure what a parts called !

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    corrosion is what white chalky looking
    its caused from not washing/dring/and siliconing the ski after use
    also leave the seat off if possible
    once it starts it will pit whatever its on you can stop it but it will never be perfect again

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