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    Smile Re-Installing Floating Bearing PTO- 04 RXP

    OK- if the floating bearing from the PTO side comes out with the driveshaft, whats the procedure or trick to re-installing it when putting everything back together?


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    New clamp on the pto side - pretty dificult to slide the ubber over the end with the clamp on. Take floating bearing off drive shaft first.

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    When the bearing comes out on mine i take and slide the bearing off the shaft..Then i take some brake clean and clean the rubber boot out of any oil and debris..After that i clean the bearing inside and out,then take some Right Stuff Black RTV silicone and spread a nice even layer around the bearing..After that i slide the bearing back into the rubber boot and put a hose clamp on it with very little tension.After leaving it sit for 12 hours to cure i then tighten the hose clamp the rest of the way and re-install the drive shaft..After doing this i have yet to have a bearing come out with the shaft anynore..

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    Thanks for the answers guys!
    This is for a friend who is changing out his bad carbon ring.


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