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    Debris question?

    Hi all. I have a 2006 H.O. Since I bought it new, about 10 times in 130 hours I have been forced to idle back to dock because it simply would not rev without making the most horrible off balance kind of sound. Almost total power loss. It sounds like if I DID pull the trigger all the way for any length of time, the prop/engine would self destruct. Now I hope I am explaining this right. I've tried rocking it...quick throttle hits...jumping in and feeling the intake grate for debris. It seems only taking the waverunner out of the water and putting it back in ever helps. And when this problem does resolve itself, it is immediate and all power is back. It's like something gets spit out and all is well...but maybe it's another problem?

    Does anyone have any issues like this? The lake I ride on has a good deal of leaves and such. ??? And most there any tricks to fixing this off balance situation while on the water?



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    Sounds like the leaves are taking the best of you.

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    Thats what ive been thinking. I LOVE my yamaha. But I am scared to travel too far from dock because I never know when this situation will occur again. Anyone here have this happen to them? What did you do on the water to fix it?

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    This has happened to me a few times while creek is usually a small chunk of wood stick on the leading edge of the can try getting the ski as fast as you dare then pull the lanyard ,when the ski stops it will back flush the pump/prop...if this dont work then roll ski on its side and use a long stick to poke the debris from prop. Hope this helps.

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