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    Newbe Pro 1200 Questions

    I am new to PWC's but picked up a Pro 1200 over the winter. It started and ran but had been sitting so I rebuilt all 3 carbs. The weather is finally good enough and I took it out. It ran ok but would only turn 6700 rpm(the book says max is 7200). Does this indicate a problem? Also how smooth do these idle? Just trying to get a feel for it but it seems to shake quite a bit at idle. Any help is appreciated.

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    The rpm's are real good at 6700 the 7200 is the limiter if i remember right and the 1200's all shake alittle at low RPM"s because of the crank design

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    6700RPM at full power is perfect

    The 1200 crankshaft does shake the engine around 2200RPM, give or take.

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    Thanks for the input. I really like the ski. It is pretty quick for stock and seems much easier to work on than my neighbors yamaha.

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    Turn the volume up on the clip and you can feel a glass table vibrate when the engine does! .. lol too funny..

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