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    Nanoxcel exposed to the weather

    Hi everyone

    I have an 09 FX SHO which I keep on a trailer in a garage and are looking at getting a second pwc that will be kept on a floating dock in the summer time at my other property.

    Just weighing up should I get another SHO or should I get something more robust like a pwc made from a fibreglass hull as I am a little concerned of leaving nanoxcel outside in the weather due to extreme temp changes in the day and night.

    I would really like to know if the nanoxcel construction of the SHO's are as good as leaving a fibreglass pwc like the Kawasaki out on a jetski floating dock due to the harmful weather. I live in Melbourne, Australia and yes it does get very hot where I live with rain as well, it does not ever snow where I live but does get cold!

    We all know boats are made of fibreglass and live outside in the direct sunlight, just look at any marina...I wonder if the nanoxcel is going to hold up in the weather?



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    I have a FX HO (fiberglass hull) and a FZR (nano). Both are stored outside 6 months a year and 6 months in non-heated storage. No problems for me at all.

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