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    ZXI 900 maintenance Question and known issues..

    Hey folks,

    Just bought myself a new toy for the cottage. My friend sold me his 1995 Kawisaki ZXI 900, VERY good condition (can eat of the engine and the engine bay).

    Couple questions...
    1) How much oil do i dump down he filler neck? Is there a "Full mark"?
    2) Any diagrams as to where to VTS/Trim issues are under the seat? (I dont know where to start looking or the fusebox).
    3) What are the main fixes for the speedo not working?
    4) What should I do for a tune-up? Plugs etc...

    I appreciate any responses and thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!!!

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    A few thoughts:

    Don't beach it! The 900 hulls are painted and they scratch/peel very easily. Instead, anchor it in shallow water and walk to shore. (Actually, you should never beach any PWC).

    Inspect the oil lines. They get brittle with age and split. After 15 years, I can just about guarantee you need to replace yours.

    The fuses should be under the black screw-on cover of the electrical box.

    The trim boxes were bad about getting water in them and ruining them. Order a trim cable seal from an Ultra 150 to keep the water out from the back end. Put some sealant around the seam where the box bolts together.

    Just fill the oil reservoir to near the top before each outing. These are 2-stroke engines that burn the oil, so you'll have to check it each outing. Use a good TC-W3 oil, or (better) a synthetic oil for 2-stroke watercraft.

    You should carry spare spark plugs with you at all times, as well as a socket to change them with.

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    Steve45 ---> Thank you for the tips/advice. The lines were changed last summer. It has been using Amsoil Interceptor 2 stroke oil for quite sometime according to my buddy that owned it before me. It's cylinder produced 110 psi. However, I would LIKE to get the trim working.

    I know about the hull paint as some parts underneath are white from chips.

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    ZXIFOX: I bought a 1995 900zxi a couple weeks ago. My trim was not working either. I have studied this problem for many hours. I found my trim motor was not working. Also found that this part is almost impossible to replace without spending $400 on a new one. The 1995 trim box cannot be replaced with anything newer. Your trim motor has four wires on it. Two for the power and the other two go to the rotating sensor. The 1996 trim motors and newer have only two wires and the rotating sensor is outside the trim box so unless you want to spend more money on additional parts, you cannot use the 2-wire trim motor as a replacement. I, personally, am going to seal up my trim box, set my trim to a "horizontal" position and use the ski like that. I don't want to spend more in parts than the ski is worth. Feel free to contact me and I will fill you in on everything I know about the trim system that I have learned.

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