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    Question ARP bolt install questions.......

    Ok so I am ready to fasten the head

    1) looks like i need to use a 3/16 hex, how much do you torque the bolt itself?

    2) Are the Nuts torqued like the seadoo instructions for the normal bolts? Manual states 40 nm for oem ones.... looks like for the 2 bolts by the chain they are 10nm

    3) What ARP grease material do you use when torquing the nuts? I spoke with Discount Auto PArts, he has heard of it but appears they dont carry any. Anyone know where this can be bought locally? (such as autozone or pep boys?) or online?
    Is this it?

    So i went back and found:
    appears most torqued the bolt hand tight then nut to 95lb? but some said 80lb..

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    I am a automotive race engine builder, I was just brousing through because I am thinking about building a ski to use off shore. If I do pick up a ski, you guys will be seeing alot of me.

    I cant tell from your post if you are using a ARP bolt or stud.

    If you are using a bolt, it needs to be greased with ARP's moly grease. I am fairly certain that no ARP bolt that uses a 3/16" wrench will ever be torqued to 80+ftlb.

    I assume you are using a stud, it needs to be threaded into the block by hand until it is finger tight. The threaded part where the nut goes is greased and the nut torqued to spec. It will need to be retorqued once after a few minutes to an hour of light use. Retorquing is especially critical if it is a boosted engine.

    ARP's torque specs for wet threads apply to ARP's moly grease only unless specified, do not use the torque specs with anything other than the specified grease.

    Contact ARP for application specific torque specs, generally there is a guide on the box though. I did notice that some guys are torquing the studs to 95ftlb with ARP moly lube. Unless you guys are running a stud 7/16" or larger or using something other than the ARP2000 material, I would call up ARP and double check that spec. Most 5/16" and 3/8" studs are torqued to something in the 70 to 80ftlb range, but there are a few odd ones out there. Be sure to not over torque them because they will fail and the ultimate clamping force for a stud that has been torqued past yeild will be significantly lower. Additionally, studs that have been torqued past yield should be replaced and not reused.

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    I have the ARP studs and although there is a lot of info it is all over the place.

    To sum it up for you:

    Install the studs and just hand tighten them using the allen driver to tighten them down. You want them snug, but not over tightened. Install them dry.

    Then apply molly lub to the threadsand washers.

    Install the washers and nuts.

    Tighten the nuts to a final 85 ft lbs using 20 ft lb incriments. Tighten them in the order the manual shows.

    After about 3 - 5 hours of riding retorque to 85 ft lbs

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    thanks for info!

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