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    Question Exhaust Problem 2001 Virage TX

    Hello I am new to this thread and I am in need of some help. I just brought out my 2001 Virage TX out on the water and something seemed to be wrong when I ran it for about 15 mins on the water. Smoke billowed inside the engine compartment and the resonator box(Plastic) melted a hole in it, obviously from getting to hot.This box is attached to the Silencer Exhaust which leads out on the other side to another resonator then heading out towards the main shaft outside through the exhaust port. My question would be I took off the box and the big red silencer exhaust and it was blowing fine out of Exhaust pipe. So does anyone think it could be the round red silencer exhaust(think it is a muffler if you really thing about it) or the resonator? In need of help. Thank you.

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    On the exhuast pipe,there should be a hose that will inject water into the exhaust stream to keep the gasses cool. At the end of that hose nearest the engine,there should be a fitting with a screen,make sure that screen in not clogged.

    #9 in this diagram

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    Also, would there happen to be a jet works water-flow control valve on the waterline mentioned above?

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    I will check that out. Thank you so much for that info.

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    Have a look at the links below.

    Exhaust water injection - Check and clean the mesh filter screen and orifice
    The location varies with the engine model, but every Polaris PWC engine has exhaust water injection, and it must not be clogged

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