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    Bunk Glide Recommendations?


    I'm setting up my new 4 place trailer. I've always just put carpet on the bunks, but winching a ski a few feet up a carpeted bunk is pretty hard. Plus, carpeting seems to hold water, promoting rot on the boards.

    So, I'm considering not doing carpeting on the bunks. The previous owner had poly slides on the bunks, and said they were much better than carpet, as it's a long ways to winch a ski on this trailer. (bunks are 18 feet long)

    The trailer came with 24 of these little, 11" R&D sliders. But they don't even cover half of the bunk per ski. A few more of these R&D sliders would cost $90.

    I'm also looking at these white custom poly sliders, which work out to $50 per ski.

    Anyone have any recommendations on bunk sliders, or other advice?

    EDIT: Top 2 pics are from R&D site, middle pic is an eBay sales site, the actual trailer I'm working on is the bottom pic....
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    My suggestion (which I am considering for my own double trailer); skip the bunk slides.

    Skip the wooden bunks too.

    Install aluminum U channel in place of the bunks, sized to fit marine poly rollers (say, 2 or 3 inch wide rollers).

    Install rollers along the whole length. Simply drill holes across the width of the U channel every so many inches, and install bolts to support the rollers.

    You can space the rollers farther apart where the ski will just be passing over, and more where the weight of the hull will be resting.

    Spec the U channel material thickness to be stiff enough to support the boat weights. No bunk rot, no grinding of the hull on hard plastic and grit.

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    That's an interesting idea, except I'm setting up bunks 18' long that on one side will hold an SLX and a Jetmate, and on the other side an MSX and an Octane.

    It's likely that I'll need different angles where each ski rides. I hope I can find one width that will accomodate the 2 skis on each side....

    I think the cost of 72' of aluminum channel, rigged with rollers, would cost more than the skis I want to carry!

    Also, I've heard some bad reports about how prolonged parking of fiberglass craft on rollers can leave ripples. This was on boats, not sure how this transfers to skis.

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    that all sounds good if you got the time and money for u channels , not to mention the rollers .

    want to keep the wood from rotting , use syntetic lumber that will never rot . get it at any lumber yard , store , home depot , etc.... just glue your carpet down , and away you go . and yes it is strong enough on the 2 place or single trailers , i have it on mine ,and all i did was turn the brackets around to reduces the span by 4 inches on each end . and to be honest the ski only sits on about 4 ft of the total length.

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    +1 best. I have tried all the other brands.

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    I got this tip from the Boat yard where i bought my Pontoon Boat,

    My guy said spray the carpet with Armorall . It is what they use to move large boats.

    Try it, it works like magic. My ski slides off super slickly !!! and loads easier also.

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    I had a rubber bunk trailer pictured below

    Now im running a full roller conversion and its some much easier to launch and recover its unreal

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