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    Starting problem...

    Well, we went out riding today. Atleast that was the idea. So my dumba** forgot to tighten up the drain plugs. Was so busy trying to get onto the busy boat ramp, that i totally forgot ( i know thats not an excuse). So after like 3 min in the water, the whole engine compartment was full of water. up to right about the halfway mark, it didnt cover up the batter, or go into the fuses or anything, but it was quite a bit of water. So we pulled it up to the sand, and drained it. After that we put it back in the water, and it would start, but shut off after about 2 seconds, and after it did that for like 8 times, it just didnt start again. And it smelled alot like gas. i didnt have any tools at the water, so i brought it home, pulled the spark plugs, and they were saturated in gas, so i ended up getting brand new ones. I put those in, now it did start once and shut off, but then it kept on doing the same thing it was doing before, trying to start, but wouldnt. I pulled those new plugs back out, and those too were saturated with gas. I put it back in the garage and i guess i'll wait till tomorrow to put the spark plugs back in and try to start it. My question is. What else can be wrong with it, or what am i doing wrong....? Could i have damaged something else because of the water that it took in?

    Its a 200 Seadoo GTX

    I'd appreciate any help, thanks guys....

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    you go water in the intake. ITs a GTX-SC isnt it. If it is stock and supercharged the intake duct passes below the half full mark. The intake manifold is designed so as to hold water in the bottom and when the engine is started it will suck it up and stall the motor and in some cases hydrolock and that cancause broken and bent rods. You need to pull your air duct and intake off and poor the water out or get it to the dealer NOW!
    I forgot the supercharger can hold water also

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    Thanks for the reply. its actually not supercharged. Its the 951 engine ( i believe that's whats its called) I went ahead and let it sit overnight, and this morning i put brand new spark plugs, and it started right up, It was a little rough at first, but after it stopped throwing out all that white smoke, its starting up fine again. The only thing is that from trying to start it so many times, my battery is probably shot, because I had to jump it with my car to start it. So I guess I need a new battery.

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