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Thread: Dash Covers

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    Dash Covers

    How many types of dash covers are there? I see ones with oval mfds,1 with a round mfd and some have nothing except the flat plate.? then thers carbon fiber ones with 4 holes cut and probably others..

    anyone have any trick looking ones? Ive seen the stainless steel. that looks clean n sharp.

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    i assumed all this time that the ones with the oval mfd's where just normal dash covers that they cut too fit...thats what i would do.. instead of buying another just for that purpose..

    im going to go over and talk too my nabor, and see what we cant come up with, he's great with aluminum, you should see the boat hoist he made stright from welding the stuff...with hydrolic arms....

    but im not sure how it would look with the mfd in the center.. we will see i guess

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    Pre-'97 models may also be drilled for the starter button and choke knob.

    If someone could draw up the shape in CAD, it really wouldn't be that expensive to get some to waterjet or laser cut it out of aluminum or even carbon fiber.

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    Would there be any interest in buying a dash panel made of carbon fiber If I made some and they turned out good?

    I was thinking....The real way is all carbon, 3 layers thick. But that is pricey, not necessary for that application and, I have a lot of fiberglass cloth. the good weave type. Very strong..

    My idea is to use only 1 layer of carbon fiber and use the glass as a would save a lot in costs and could make more from 1 sheet of carbon..

    It would be half as much in cost. I would still use all epoxy bonding everything together..

    If I get 4 or 5 people to go in on it, I'll do it.. let me know..

    The cost of the fiberglass in on me..

    I'll just make the piece, you trim and drill whatever you need..

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    something like this?

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