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    1997 polaris SLT 700

    You guys have a great forum set-up and I need some help. I am a mechanic by trade and one guy here in Indianapolis is selling a 1997 SLT 700. He is asking 350 with the trailer which seems reasonable. Of course the last time the ski was registered was 2000. The fuel tank smells real stale and the battery was dead so I don't even know if it spins? So my questions are being it has no title is it xpensive to register it in Indiana? Second where can i find a manual about the beast? Finally are part xpensive if it needs a engine or rebuild kits around?

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    $350 is a reasonable price, even if the motor needs a rebuild. Just assume it needs engine work, and go from there.

    You may get lucky and the engine internals are just fine.

    The links below will provide some guidance

    Plan to replace all the fuel and oil hoses, and filters. Disassemble, clean and rebuild the carbs.

    If it still has the original ignition CDI and magneto stator, it may or may not be good. The originals are known to fail over time. That one may still be good, of course.

    If the ignition has failed, Polaris makes an Update Kit, which sells for around $300. It includes new CDI, new stator, and new ignition coils.

    You can do an engine rebuild yourself, with the exception of the crank shaft, which requires a machine shop that is familiar with the Polaris press-fit crank shafts.

    Another option is to purchase a rebuilt engine from SBT.

    SBT Polaris domestic two cylinder red engine removal and re-installation guide

    There are a number of competent Polaris engine re-builders around, some even have a presence on this forum.

    I am thinking of buying a PWC. Any tips?

    I just bought a Polaris PWC - what should I do?
    What to do to get it running, keep it running, and avoid potential damage

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

    Polaris Tech Tips and Info forum

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    good deal

    Buy, part out, 200.00 for trailer, engine elec. pump. etc. make a 1000.00. buy another work up to nicer new ski..

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