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    Few questions on my slx after the first few times out.

    I have a 1200 '00 slx. I'm currently running premix at a 45/1 ratio. Last summer it kinda felt slow out of the hole, but never really let it bother me, I just used it as it was. About a month ago I changed the carb with one that I bought off a member here, just to see if it would change anything.

    The first few times I took it out this season, it still feelt very slow out of the hole. I get beat by ZOMGVTEK's slt780 for about 100 yards from a dig. I am hitting just over 60mph on gps right now, which is right around where I always have been.

    What could be causing it to feel so gutless off the line? The pump/prop look ok, so I dont really think that's an issue.

    Also, my trim won't hold a setting. If I set it all the way up, it will stay up there for a second, and then go back down on its own. I assume this would just involve replacing the trim motor?

    And finally, when I took the ski out the few times this season, the cylinders felt barely warm after idling, and cold to the touch after long WOT runs. I am in 38* water, but I would assume that they should at least feel warm to the touch after a 1 minute WOT run. Is this normal? I know these skis' don't have a thermostat but I still thought this was odd.

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    With very cold water riding, you may want to install a thermostat and bypass plunger. It will help stabilize the engine temperature. Too cold is not good for an engine.

    It will still work just fine in warmer water.

    When you say it is slow to accelerate from idle, do you mean the RPM is slow to rise, OR does the RPM jump up, but you aren't getting much thrust from the jet pump until it builds up some forward speed?

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    I bet you have a crank bearing that's wearing out...if it is, you wont have to wait to long. This is exactly how my SLX acted and when we went to put higher compression heads on it, it was to much strain on it and the bearing finally went. Unfortunately, it's not something you can check to find out until it just happens.

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    What's the impeller part number?

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    I'm not really sure, I guess if anything it seems like its bogging out of the hole, meaning the rpm seems kinda slow to rise. I just bought an mfd, so once that comes in I will be able to monitor rpm. I do know that the accelerator pumps are working, you can see them squirt with the flame arrestor off. I'm not sure about the impeller part number. After this week I will have a chance to pull the pump and check.

    I'm thinking I may have an air leak somewhere. Once I get a chance maybe I'll use the starting fluid method and see what happens.

    I really hope its not a crank bearing, I just put a brand new oem Polaris crank in last spring.

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    I went out today. The ski seemed to run MUCH better. The last few times we went out, when I would feel my jugs they would literally be cold to the touch (we were in extremely cold water, and the slx's don't have a thermostat apparently). Today they felt like they were at a good operating temperature. When I got home I checked the wash and it looked a little better (like there might be a slight hint of wash forming).

    So I think I'm going to up the jets (which I should be doing with premix anyway) and see what I end up with.

    Can someone link me to somewhere to get jets? I was looking on ebay, but can't seem to find any jets that look like the correct syle for my carb.

    Also, what jetting should I be running for a 1200 slx bored .75 with premix?

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    Ok, I also need a few engine shims. Anyone know where I can buy a few / have a few I can buy off them?

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