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Thread: gti se or fx140

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    gti se or fx140

    Hi I have been lurking in these forums for a while but now I need some advise from the greenhulk community. I am looking for a reliable machine for the summer, I have gone through a couple of two strokes but want to try a four stroke now. I have it narrowed down to an 06 gti se or an 03 yamaha fx140. Does anyone know of any reliability issues with either machine? repair costs? ups and downs of either machine? They both have 150 hours and the fx is $2000 cheaper. Thanks for your help.

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    Anyone with experience of either of these models?

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    A buddy of mine had an FX140 not the HO......quite slow, I would think the GTI would be quicker, not to mention more stable.

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    I have an '08 gti se. you couldn't flip that thing if you tried. It's got some speed, considering it's size. it's closed loop vs. the yammi open loop. plus in your case, the gti is 3 yrs newer than the yammi.

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    Ranger pretty much nailed it right there.

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    thanks for the replies everyone, hope to pick up the gti on sunday. but I may have to stop and look at a f12x that's nearby.

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