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    breaking in new piston and ring

    hey guys i just bought a new ski. the previous owner had replace a piston and ring on the number 2 cyclinder. he ran about 5 gallons after the replacement before it was sold to me.

    what should i do to break this in correctly?
    how long (hours or tanks of gas) should the break in be?
    should i mix the premix 40:1 or something different?
    I think i am supposed to go differnt speeds but not full throttle.

    can someone explain the process to me? thanks

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    What engine, PWC make/model?

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    oops- sorry

    i have a 05 yamaha 1300r. 2 stroke with FI

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    this should probably go into the Yamaha 2-stroke section

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    Your all set Steve, gimme a call when your done riding.

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    Thanks water woody!!

    the break in went just perfect- i hope. i ran another 5 gallons at varible throttle positions from 1/4 to 3/4 throttle. i tried to stay out of the mid range. I let it cool down a bunch of times. i put in 93 octane and mixed 40/1 and put in a few more ounces of oil for good measure. everything seemed to work well. thank you for the detailed advise. hopefully next time i head out i can just ride it like i stole it!! thanks again

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