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    Solas 15/20

    Have a new Solas 15/20. Used for 20 miles...1 ride. Reason I am considering selling---Put it on a TX with stage one mods and ski runs 8200 at 3/4 throttle in 70 air and 60 water. Looks like I need to add 2mm, which will put it at a 15/22. If anyone needs a 15/20 I'll sell it for $250 shipped to your door in USA. I'll save shipping to and from Skat along with re-pitching costs and I'll buy a new one. I have a spare brand new nose cone that I'll ship with the prop.


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    I send you a PM.

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    is that a 15/20 or a 15/20r ? i bought a 15/20 ( no r) from a online store for 237.00 a month ago

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    The prop has tentatively been sold. Waiting on a reply. It's a Riva-Solas 15/20R...$299.95 plus tax and shipping.

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