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    14/19 Solas on RXT?

    Well I bit the bullet today and purchased a new 14/19 Solas. My question is with a X charger,42 lb injectors and a Riva Intake grate will this 14/19 be plenty or should I have gone with a 15/20? I have searched everywhere and cant really find a deffinant answer. If I should of gotten the 15/20 then I will call back and change my order. I do a lot of ocean riding if that helps also.

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    Your good to go!!....Now if you go with intercooler you"ll need the 15/20..

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    That's a big Plus 1
    14/19 !!

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    Saweet, im excited now I cant wait to get the wear ring in and the new prop. Im ready to feel a change

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    Sorry to disagree with the previous posters...but.

    I'm gonna put a dollar on you wanting a taller prop the week after you get your 14/19. don't run a rear air set up....but if you did.....

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