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    Help need 1000 daytona cylinder

    i have a 1997 tigershark 1000 and i had a circlip come out and gouge the cylinder im looking to buy a cylinder and even a good piston if anyone has anything let me know and any advice to get this slug moving a little fast would be nice i have gps'd it at 58 is that all these things do?

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    here is one on ebay item number 330424121320

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    How bad did it scare the cylinder? How deep are they? If its not to deep you might be better off boring the cylinders for new pistons rather then spending you money on a cylinder. If you looking for a little more power you can always get the heads shaved for more compression thats the easy cheap power adder and if you looking for even more you can look into cylinder porting. I know of guy who can do really good work cheap if you interested let me know.

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    they cant be bored they are plated and the groves are deep the thickness of a circlip

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    They can be bored they just need to be replated. They sell a 1mm oversized bore piston which is good deal larger over stock and would take out most cylinder scars. Doing this would up you displacment a little in the engine. Here is the link to some pistons if your interested.

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