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    2008 vs 2007 Supercharger

    Hey planning on purchasing either a 2007 or 2008 RXP 215, but I've been reading on here the only major difference is the supercharger.

    I read in another topic that there is a contant supply of oil (down the shaft) in the 2008 and Jerry said it's "far superior" than the 2007.

    I haven't been able to find any 2008's for sale up here in Ontario, but many 2007's ...should I wait until a 2008 comes up or just get a 2007 the 08 that much better?

    I've also read the washers should be replaced no matter what...but the 07 has the ceramic type.


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    By the way...I thank everyone who have helped me so've all been great in helping me learn what to look for ...if I can ACTUALLY find one to buy!!

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    With the 08 Scer You are going to need the oiler too for it to work the way it was designed to..Its not gonna hurt anything running without it..You just wont have oil shooting into the shaft...

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