I am going to sell my ski and am not sure if I should part it out or sell it complete. Here is a list of parts on the ski. Tell me what you think they are worth or what you think the ski is worth as is, complete. The ski is running great but is getting gas in the oil. I just replaced the head gasket and was in a hurry to get the ski on the water for labor day so I did not get the head decked so that could be the reason for the GIO or it could be that I added the open loop kit. It does not have the Riva OL thermostat. With the ski as described here, it gps'd 77 mph in Sept before I winterized it.

What's it worth as is =
What's it worth with head decked, new head gasket, Riva T stat for the open loop =

What are the below parts worth if I part it out?

05 RXT
Hull trued and blueprinted by Mark Underwood
Stock plate modded by Mark U
GH Skegs, not installed
2 Riva grates, 1 moddoe by SpeadFreak
Riva Sponsons
Stock Modded Waterbox – Mark U
Thru hull fitting
RE Pro Opas BOs
RR Spacer wheel charger
42# Injectors
Mark U drive shaft coupler
14/19 prop, not sure what bend. Pump has Steel Liner
Custom Rear Air
Adjustable nozzle with 81,82,83 rings
UMI steering
UMI bars
ODI Grips
Open Loop Cooling
Diablo Racing Carbon Fiber Rear Seat

Engine has approx 160 hours
Upgraded Flywheel bolts
Upgraded Oil Jet
Riva Valve Train Upgrade

Also have SeaDoo Cover

If I part it I would have the MPEM, Wiring Harnesses, Gauges.

Thanks for helping me price my ski/parts