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Thread: Ultra 150 pump

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    Ultra 150 pump

    Im in the middle of pulling apart the pump and now stuck trying to remove the pump cap/cone, I removed the 3 bolts that hold it in place is there a special way to crack the seal to remove.

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    Twist and pull, you may also use a flat blade srewdriver to pry up ont the mounting ears while twisting. Use caution they will break off.

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    Thanx for the advice, it worked but took a while.

    replaced the o-rings but left the bearings I may need the right tool to take off or take it to a jetski mechanic.

    Almost completed the pump replaced the pump case and impeller and put 4 shims spacers and need to purchase more I think it needs 1 more but might get 2 just incase, is this normal requiring 5 or 6 shims to get it right?

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    It all depends on your prop. When I took mine apart, I had 3 shims in there and still a lot of clearance, so I took one out and it still had some. I also have an aftermarket prop, so the size may be slightly different than a stocker.

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    hey guys, im trying to get a ultra 150 thats been sitting in my friends yard for a few years waiting for some cylinders. but i was wondering, i live way out in bush alaska, and 87 octane is the norm, we say 85 cause it aint new gas, but i was wondering if you both use 92 octane ?, i was thinkig of mixing my regular with av gas to bump up the octane. are these skis as wild as they say??

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    If all you can get is low grade gas then stay away from raised compression unless you want to mix.

    Yes they are a different ride, sometimes its like ridding a pissed off paper plate. That does depend on handling mods.

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