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    Is This Really a Battery Issue??

    Hey all love the site ... I have learned so much from reading and am going to send Jerry my SC to replace the ceramic washers ... VERY SOON!!!

    Here's my issue. I have a 2007 GTI SE 155 and a 2007 RXT 215
    I haven't been charging the batteries as they have sat and they are the originals. When I took them both out a couple of weeks ago they both wouldn't get up past 40MPH on the speedo. The GTI even gave me a error code for Voltage. After running them for a while they seemed to get better. I then noticed that the GTI's Battery level was well below normal. I invested in a battery charger from Walmart and put some distilled water in it. The GTI will lurch and buck but will seem to run better the more you use it. After the first run the RXT now runs up to 70 on the speedo.
    Ok, took them both out today and switched batteries (after charging them first)to see if that is the problem. The RXT ran horribly with the battery switched... lurching and bucking the whole time. The GTI bucked at take off but then ran ok with the RXT battery. Well switched them back to original again and now the RXT is sluggish at take off and then will lurch and hall butt up to 70mph on the speedo. The more it runs the less chance it is sluggish at take off though.

    I'm suspecting changing both batteries and plugs on both. The GTI SE has 71hrs and the RXT has 56 hrs. Does this sound about right.. or is there another possibilty?

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    How old is the fuel

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    The GTI is on it's second full tank since I've been running them again and the RXT was ran untill the low fuel alarm came on. Lake riding. I put half a tank in the RXT today. Both with 93 octane.

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    Should I drain the tanks to be safe? Is there a fuel filter that I need to change?

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    Ok I feel relieved and stupid at the same time. Replaced all the spark plugs and BAM!! Both running like champs and purring!!!

    Got the NGK plugs from my local Advance Auto Parts store for $2.99 each too!!!

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    Good to hear

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