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    Cool Did NOT Winterize, now wont start. Is it Bad Gas? Advice?

    I have a Yama xlt1200, no exhaust sensor (put in plate), Wave Eater Clips... and stock everything else and I didnt winterize her.

    I know, SUPRISE, now she wont start.

    Actions Taken:

    I replaced the spark plugs and checked for spark...All good.
    Replaced the battery...that was new to me mixing the acid. All good.
    She Turns over no problem.

    I tried a little spray of WD40 in the cylinders to see if she tries to start but no. She just turns over but never fires up.

    The gas was put in there in September '09. I am in Pennsylvania and it gets in the Teens in the winter.

    It looks like there is still a 1/4 tank of gas. Could I just add/fill with new gas to dilute bad gas? Im hoping/assuming its just bad gas but not sure why wd40 woulnt at least fire her up for a sec.

    SIDENOTE: I rebuilt the carbs last season and completely cleaned them out.

    Thanks in advance and have a great summer of riding!


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    WD-40 won't hurt the cylinders but also won't help start. First, change the gas if it is older than 6 months; if less than 6 months, just add to it. Spray some Starter Fluid in the carb. Once it starts, let it either start or die; Do NOT continualsly spray the Starter Fluid to keep it running because it obviously has not oil in it!

    Repeat this several times, letting the engine sit for 30+ seconds between starts (to cool).

    This should help prime your fuel. If after 6-8 times it still will not run, you probably have a clogged oil/fuel filter & need to change.

    Good luck

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    I haven't tried starting a ski with wd-40 or starter fluid before but when i first got mine,i poured a tiny bit of fuel down the plug holes,put the plugs back in and it started no probs,that was also after it sat for about six months.If you just recently put your d-plate in,did you remember to plug water temp sensor back in?

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    Smile Got her started

    So I shook out old gas from Fuel Filter (had replaced last year)....and then sprayed another round of WD40 (after turning over with plugs out)...and she started!


    Thanks for the quick replies!

    So I have another question. I also installed the high speed screw knobs for ez adjustment.... does anyone have advice for adjusting them? I think I was pretty conservative when putting them back in and I noticed (end of last season) my top end was a little slower. Also I noticed a little delay when going from 0 to full throttle.

    Any ideas is super appreciated!!!

    BTW, has anyone added a new ride plate or new jet prop? What are some upgrades you'd recommend and maybe others you did but didnt really see a change? Looking at all the new models coming out, Im wondering is it time to sell this beast and try and finance a new guy?

    Thanks again.


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    Get that fuel out!!!! Old fuel is not good. Your fuel is going to have H20 in it 100% guarantee it. Can't wait to hear about the shizit built up in the carbs!

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    i had winterized mine and the carbs got corroded/gunked up. didn't use the blue sta-bilizer, used the red. bad move. used the blue last winter and i didn't even remove the battery and it started up after a few pumps of the gas. take those carbs off and apart.

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    So the only advice now that she's running is, take the carbs off and clean them again?

    Is that really necessary? Is there a fuel additive that could burn it out?

    The gas is about 6 months-ish old.

    What would be the outcome if I just add new gas and run till the tank is dry, without cleaning carbs (again)?


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    ...more info

    and BTW, she starts right up with choke pulled and when choke is in after, seems to rev fine, (not in water yet).

    - Waverunner 1200xlt, NOT PREMIX, 2stroke

    Help is greatly appreciated.

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    If you are that concerned about the fuel that is in there then syphon it out,put some fresh fuel in,make sure you got oil in and ride it for abit.
    See how it runs and then decide if you gonna pull the carbs apart,like you said,you have just recently rebuild them last season.I certainly wouldn't pull the carbs apart before i had ridden it but thats just me.

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    WD40? That's a first. I woulda put some oil on those pistons and crank'd it a few times then if that didnt work....put some gas in those cylinders, just a tad, and it woulda started up.

    Since you only had 1/4 tank, i'd suck that gas out. More htne likely its not good

    If you cleaned the carbs last year, and didnt winterize'll have to clean them again...for safe mind and i bet they dont look so hot.

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