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Thread: Carb. problem??

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    Carb. problem??

    Hi, I have a 1996 sl 700. The PWC works great except sometimes it stalls or sometimes I will hit the throttle and it goes nowhere or sometime while getting up to plane at low speeds it seems to miss.

    I have changed all the filters twice, change the plugs all the time, changed the gas, and cleaned the carb with carb cleaner.

    Could it be that the carb needs to be rebuilt. If so where can I buy carb kit.

    I was also think maybe a spark plug wire???

    After I ride I remove the spark plugs and clean them. There always black. Is this the way there supposed to look like after riding for a few hours?

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    Without taking the carbs apart, cleaning them internally, and rebuilding them, carb cleaner won't be doing any good.

    Spark plugs should last for dozens of operating hours without touching them. You have something wrong if they need any cleaning at all.

    Clean the carbs properly.

    The links below will prove useful

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

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