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    First day out on creek/river

    Well the ultra 150 seemed to be very unstable, to the point of it was difficult to turn around, I would almost have to always remain forward. I know I will have to move somethings around but maybe I had to much weight in the back for such a small ski. The fishfinder worked great. I was in 5 to 10mph winds and light chop. I think I may just piddle until I can look into a larger more stable ski unless anyone has suggestions.

    The rack in the back didnt even have ice in the cooler and the ledge was underwater while sitting still.

    P.S for a 2004 I now have 36hrs on it...I know im lame.

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    That's disappointing to hear. Pardon my ignorance but is your bike a 2 or 3 seater? My SeaDoos are RXTs (3 seaters) and I've never noticed any difference in performance (speed or handling). And that's hauling a full 30 quart ice chest of cold beverages and two 5 gallon tanks of gas.

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    Well it states 2 seater. Maybe I havn't been on it in that long that it feels that way. Still going to get back out there. Just need to move somethings around.

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    Could be the two-seater set up is the difference. My buddy (lasportsmn) has an Ultra ? (3 seater) and has never complained about the rack affecting his handling.

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