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    Question Q...Installing new pump bearings...Q:

    Got in new parts to rebuild a '96 XP 800 pump.

    No instructions included, and they supplied Loctite 515, Loctite 567 and loctite 242.


    I want to install the bearings, then the seal, but am I to be applying any specific Loctite before doing so?

    ---Also, the new wear ring can be slipped in by hand and have done this job before (and had to practically smash it in) however read somewhere at some time that I should be using RED Loctite before putting the new ring in. (and in this case I can see why as it's not very tight)

    Anyone have advise for these two questions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Replying for others in the future.,......

    Bearings went in fine. Cleaned all surfaces first with acetone to get a tight permanent fit with hopes.

    Installed the anti-knock cone. Great device, but for others, the 'O' ring can be a bit tricky with the spring tension. I ended up pushing the cone into place and holding with one hand while getting all the little bolts seated.
    * Oil the 'O' ring..........use gasket maker on the cone to pump metal surfaces. (try not to cross contaminate)

    Wear ring is still a mystery as the original I removed was factory. Made two full length cuts about 2" inches apart with a sharp carpentry chissel and hammer. Fiberglass OEM ring was then pried out with small effort. The new one can (with some ease) be slipped right in, so saturated the back of it with red loctite. Will let sit and see.

    Filled pump with fresh oil. No leaks seen at this point. Will leave overnight.

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    sounds like you need to put set screws in the pump to keep the wear ring from spinning. mine slipped in nice and easy too, but thats after it sat in the freezer overnight.

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