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    performance exhaust

    Hi all new here. I'm looking for a aftermarket or performance exhaust for a 1100 wave raider

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    1100 yamaha wave raider

    Hi all, I.m looking to guy a exhaust for my 1100 yamaha wave raider. a performance exhaust

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    there was never a perf exhaust for the 1100cc motor
    some have put 1200cc tripple pipes in the raider but not many
    id look elseware for performance

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    performance exhaust will do nothing if you haven't done other modifications first, so what other mods have you done?

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    As the other thread.....there was never a performance exhuast made for the 63M Yamaha 1100 engine. The best option if your looking for more is to convert the ski over to a 1200 using the 65U jugs....add porting, compression and larger carbs and the 1200 ignition.


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    Welcome wiput, I moved this to old school section where it belongs. do some reading in here this section covers your motor and ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by OsideBill View Post
    Welcome wiput, I moved this to old school section where it belongs. do some reading in here this section covers your motor and ski

    OsideBill. can i keep postig up here now?

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    Till now i did.

    Pro-Tec Wake Up kit ,that consist of 150psi compression head, flame arrestor adapters, flame arrestors, Boyesen reeds, Pro-Tec reed stuffers
    Pro-Tec ride plate
    Pro-Tec intake grate
    Pro-Tec extended steering nozzle
    Boyesen reeds
    Pro-Tec reed stuffers
    Pro-Tec flame arrestor pre-filter
    Pro-Tec electric bilge pump kit
    Skat Trak 14/20 super slimline impeller

    next would be Triple 44mm carb kit with intake manifold
    Cylinder porting

    What else do you guys think she being airbrushed now. I like at least keep up or pas the newer jets

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