Just got my 2000 Xll on the water 2 day , running very rich ,ran lower RPM about - 4500 misses not much snap ,open up and runs hard to 7000 no missing .all 3 plugs are black and wet .Changed plugs same result ,top speed of 53mph -4 MPH slower than last fall when my catcon nuked !!
I have just :rebuilt the carbs (Mikuni kits),rejetted and needle and seats ,D plate ,Riva FA's with covers,free flow exhaust ,primer kit ,carb T-handles,reed stuffers ,new reeds,WE clips and PV couplers ,still running oil injection ,R&D intake ,pump seal kit ,Scat trak 12/18 swirl (had when run last fall) .
I need to know if there's an easy way to get to the low speed screws without removing the stinger ? OR would the filter covers make that much difference to give me this rich of a mix??any experience of this ?? I have read that the FA covers will richen it up .