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    I need some anwsers on intake grates please

    Today I called R&D and asked what the difference was with the R-12X and F-12X intake grates. The Guy I talked to told me they are the same, the only difference is the hardware that comes with the grate that's why they have different part numbers. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone tried to fit one to another and vise versa? My main reason for asking this is because I want a Solas grate on my R-12X and I'm thinking about buying one for the F-12X and getting the proper hardware at the local hardware store. And if it don't fit I'm wondering if it can be modified to fit somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Photos comparing the 2 side by side would be awesome.

    Thanks, and please help me

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    Well i got my anwser today, the R and F grates are about 7/8" differance in length with the R grate being the longer of the 2. Had to find someone local with an F to compare grates and take measurements.

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    That makes since, since the R is faster than the F. The longer the grate the faster the ski until you exceed "optimum".

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